Trading is personal. Now finally, there’s a trading and market making technology that you can truly personalize. Tbricks combines extreme performance with unparalleled flexibility and configurability. It is a game-changing technology.



Next generation trading system

Tbricks’ complete trading and market making platform is ready to use on Day 1, but more importantly, you can quickly personalize the platform to make it behave exactly the way you want it to.
The secret is Tbricks’ trading apps. In the same way iPhone users can customize their phones with their personal choice of apps, you can start building your own unique sets of functionality by adding and/or configuring apps to suit your needs. With the freedom to build your own apps in the Tbricks environment, the platform is just a starting point to unlocking new capabilities to respond to emerging market situations and help differentiate from competitors’ offerings.
With Tbricks, you are in charge. You never have to wait for new functionality (unless you would rather leave the development to us, of course). Whether you want to price a new instrument, modify the quote logic for your market making or realize a new trading strategy, the source code and tools are at your disposal.
Now consider the potential of a blazingly fast, truly personalized trading system.



Architecture With its easy-to-use interface, rock-solid performance and powerful built-in apps, Tbricks redefines the concept of a trading system.


Performance Low latency, high throughput and extreme scalability are imprinted in Tbricks' DNA. Learn why this makes all the difference.