Market Making

Market Making

Our options market making solution has unmatched flexibility, sophisticated out-of-the-box functionality and proven low latency. We offer rapid time-to-market, and the flexibility required to adapt to demanding market conditions.

Performance, extensibility and automation

Tbricks’ market making fuses server-based auto-quoting and auto-hedging with fully configurable visualization in the front-end, enabling you to make markets with extreme performance and unprecedented control.
Tbricks focuses on the needs of proprietary traders who demand the most advanced trading system for their trading strategies. With Tbricks’ inherent flexibility, the system is a complete offering over the spectra of trading styles, including automated trading, computer assisted manual trading and click-trading.
Offering next-generation quoting and hedging logic with superior speed, Tbricks gives the edge to make markets in a competitive trading landscape. Tbricks' comprehensive functional scope includes customizable pricing, volatility management, risk management, team quoting, and a whole series of trading features such as hidden quotes (take out machines), peg quotes, multi-level quoting, quote spreading, portfolio graphs, portfolio stress testing and RFQs.
Combining native exchange connectivity and true multi-market support, and providing complete source code for our pre-built business logic, Tbricks has the fastest, most configurable and complete offering in the market.

Volatility manager

Volatility manager Both the volatility curve manager and the volatility models are delivered as apps, allowing for seamless customization or adoption of other volatility curve models.

Tbricks serves All Options

Press release All Options is now using Tbricks’ market making platform for all of its European equity options and stock-index options activities.